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  • Sector Overview

    Financial Services is a major component of the global economy. It presents dynamic and attractive investment opportunities within diverse industry sub-sectors that are cyclical or secular. Changes in public policy, shifting customer demographics, and disruptive technical innovations are continually reshaping the industry; products don’t become obsolete, rather distribution channels, manufacturing methods, and consumer expectations are constantly evolving.

  • Investment Strategy

    Corsair implements a replicable and established investment process. We seek to identify management teams that are best in class and business models with persistency where we can leverage our knowledge and network to help these businesses flourish. We are focused on companies in North America and Europe, and provide both fund investment and select co-investment opportunities to our Limited Partners.

  • Value Creation

    Building value requires more than an infusion of capital; our collaboration with our portfolio companies begins with deep insight from our experienced senior team and extends to access across our relationships with industry regulators and network of leading strategic co-investors. Corsair helps our companies navigate through complexity to realize their potential.

  • We invest in dynamic industry sub-sectors:
  • Wealth & Asset Management
  • Payments & Financial Technology
  • Banking & Specialty Finance
  • Insurance
  • Services
  • Our investments adhere to the following scale and dynamics:
  • Companies with an enterprise value of $100 - 500 million while selectively pursuing larger deals when partnering with co-investors
  • Fund investment of $50 - 100 million
  • 3 to 6 years hold
  • Lead or co-Lead with control or material influence and board representation
  • Strong ongoing relationship with management
  • How we add value:
  • Retention and recruitment of strong management teams and executives
  • Global network of industry regulators, governmental contacts and executives
  • Formulation of corporate strategy and actionable planning initiatives
  • Experience designing and implementing actions relating to revenue growth; cost structure; risk management; capital structure; liquidity management
  • Growth capital for M&A or major organic initiatives
  • Regulatory advice and guidance