Environmental, Social & Governance Policy

Objective and Scope

Corsair’s ESG Commitment to Partners

The firm is committed to diversity from a business stance but also on a personal level, given the background and life experiences of many of our team members. We believe that diverse teams lead to better management and sustainable returns for our shareholders.

Select ESG focus areas that Corsair may consider during the investment life cycle include, as relevant:

    Access and Affordability
    Business Ethics
    Customer Privacy & Data security
    Environmental and
    Climate-related Considerations
    Health and Safety Standards
    Labor Standards
    Selling Practices
    Stakeholder Management and Community Relations
    Supply Chain Sustainability; and/or
    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (“DE&I”)

ESG Integration

Corsair has developed an ESG approach that focuses on managing material ESG risks and delivering sustainable, long-term value for investors. More specifically, Corsair’s approach to ESG includes, as relevant:

    Consideration of relevant ESG issues in the early part of investment origination
    Collaboration with Corsair’s investment teams and third-party partners to review ESG topics during the pre-acquisition due diligence process
    Identification of ESG-related opportunities for portfolio companies
    Compliance with applicable national and local ESG law and regulations

Governance and Transparency

Management of ESG across the firm is achieved by building out the following core areas:

    Investing in our team infrastructure
    Expanding our governance structure
    Emphasis on leadership and talent
    Commitment to evolution through ESG and DE&I

By striving towards these areas, we will formalize ownership of ESG and capacity across the firm for responsible investment activities. All Corsair employees are accountable for day-to-day responsible investing efforts. Ultimate responsibility for the integration of ESG, including ensuring that our policy activities are aligned with our position on sustainable finance and our commitment to the six principles of the PRI, rests with the firm’s Partners and Members of the Investment Committee.