Our partnerships are built on a people-first philosophy, putting collaboration and cooperation at the heart of
everything we do.

With a growth-focused mindset, we apply operational know-how to your unique challenges. By tapping into a strong network, we leverage our diverse experience to support your success.

$9.7 Billion*

49 Professionals

18 years

Our team is complemented by a supporting global network of Operating Partners and Advisors with rich experience and engagements across the financial services and infrastructure industries.

We put partnerships first. We create an environment that fosters collaboration and we nurture diverse perspectives, while maintaining an open-minded approach to creating impact, not just value.

In 2012 our private equity strategy evolved away from its legacy to focus on control buyout, capital light, high-growth businesses in the technology, services and distribution segments within financial services. In 2015 Corsair launched its Infrastructure business, focused on value-added platform investing, as the firm continues to leverage its key competencies to provide its clients with
innovative solutions.

Corsair was born as a pioneering private equity practice within J.P. Morgan & Co. three decades ago focusing on minority investments in traditional, asset-heavy financial services businesses. The firm evolved to become independent and partner-owned in 2006.